Professional Dog Trainer

Puppy Training - The Welcome New Addition to Home

We specialize in puppy training.  It is necessary to start off on the right track with your new and important addition to the family.  Puppies need lots of potty breaks in the beginning.  We are there to ensure your little one gets his/her outing to start the housebreaking regime.  We will feed your puppy if requested and ensure water is available.  Good quality food and toys set the tone for health and fun.  We address biting, anxiety, barking, chewing, jumping, digging and possessive behaviour and work to ensure those issues don't escalate into a problematic situation as your puppy develops and gets older.  Although some of those behaviours may seem "cute" when your puppy is little, as an adult they will loom into larger problems for you and for others.  Our goal is to have your puppy socialized, well behaved, happy, calm and relaxed and to have you the owner, happy, calm and relaxed as well.  We will work with your dog and show you the steps required to continue training when we are not present.

All dogs want to please and be the best they can and it is our responsibility to do that for them and ourselves.  It is never to late to "teach an old dog new tricks".  If there are commands or behavioural problems that we can address, we will gladly come in and work with your pet to get him/her on the right track.

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