Today’s Date:  ­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________


Client Name  ___________________  Dog’s/Cat’s Name  ____________________________


Address  ______________________              Age ________             Breed  ____________


Phone (Res)  ___________________              Sex:      Male  Female  (circle one)

           (Bus)  ___________________                         Neutered/Spayed

E-mail  ________________________

Cell phone/pager  ________________


Dog’s Characteristics:  Please state yes or no beside each statement:

Good with other dogs  ____________   Plays with ball  _______________

Comes when called  ______________ Likes children  _______________

Must be kept on leash  ____________  Barks at strangers  ____________

Will go in water  _________________ Likes to chew  _______________

Jumps/digs/climbs  _______________  May be given treats  __________

Scared of thunderstorms  __________  Loves people/food/garbage _____

May be allowed on furniture  _______   Chases joggers/squirrels/cats/cars/bikes  ___


Colour & Markings of Dog/Cat  ________________________________________________


Date of Boarding/Drop off and Pick up Times  ____________________________________


Veterinarian:   Name of Clinic  _______________________  Phone No.  _______________


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Number where you may be reached  ____________________________________________


Friend or neighbour that may be contacted in emergency:  Name  _____________________

Phone Number  __________________            Address:  _________________________________


Special requirements (feeding/medications/allergies) _______________________________


Signing below acknowledges that Wagging Trails personnel may enter your home for the purpose of picking up/returning your pet and, if required, to transport your pet by car.  Wagging Trails shall assume no liability for any illness or injury caused to your pet or to other persons, pets or property.  If your pet becomes injured or ill, Wagging Trails is hereby authorized to take your pet to the nearest animal care facility and such expense shall be paid by the owner of the pet.


Payments for the day(s)/week are due on the first day that services are rendered, weekly in advance.  Please make payment by cash or cheque payable to Bethany Palmer. There is a $30.00 assessment fee charge on returned cheques.  All fees will be due promptly.


A $10.00 cancellation fee is applied if Wagging Trails is not notified at least 24 hours in advance of any cancellations.


Wagging Trails requires that you provide a responsible party (i.e. neighbour) to look after your pet(s) in the event of unforeseen circumstances, i.e. inclement weather, natural disasters or illness.


Wagging Trails is not obliged to walk your dog on civic or statutory holidays. Holiday walks need to be specified.  An extra charge of time and a half will apply.  Regular business hours are 8-6 pm.


Signature:  ________________________          Date:  __________________________




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